Vimy Ridge Day | 09 April


There are some Canadian Holidays that are days of celebration, while others are days of remembrance. Vimy Ridge Day is a Canadian holiday that is designed to remember those that lost their lives in the battle of Vimy Ridge. This is a battle that is a part of Canadian history and it took place in Northern France during the First World War. Even though it is a battle that occurred many years ago, it is a National Canadian holiday that is observed each year. This is a holiday that is remembered each year on April 9th no matter what day of the week this day of remembrance falls on.


How is it Observed?


There are many different ways that Canadians choose to remember or celebrate this holiday. One of the most important ways that people choose to spend Vimy Ridge Day is by becoming educated. This means that going to a local Canadian museum and becoming informed about the battle of Vimy Ridge is something that many people choose to do on this day. Historical story telling and events that involve the reenactment of this battle are also events that people choose to spend their time doing on this day of remembrance. This is a battle that had a huge impact on Canadian history and it is important for people to not only celebrate this day but to also become informed on what happened during the battle of Vimy Ridge.


Not a Public Holiday


Even though this is a day of remembrance that is observed by many, it is important to note that Vimy Ridge day is not a public holiday in Canada. This means that all public offices are opened as well as schools and the postal service.

Photo by Rob Wells