St. Patrick's Day


Most holidays have one thing that they are most known for and for St. Patrick's Day, it would have to be green beer. If you are looking for a drinking holiday that allows you to go all out and have a great night that you might not remember the next morning, it would definitely be St. Patrick's Day. Even though St' Patrick's Day has ties to Ireland, it is a holiday that is celebrated all over the word. This means that you do not necessarily have to be at an Irish pub if you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the right way.


Here are a few things about St. Patrick's Day that you might not know:




Even though St. Patrick's Day is often a holiday that is connected to drinking, it actually has roots as a religious holiday. This is very unexpected for some. It started as a Catholic holiday that was known as a Christian Feast Day. It is a day that is reserved to celebrate St. Patrick. Although, over time this has become a holiday that is celebrated with parades and parties. This means that drinking has become a tradition on the holiday over time, even when it is a holiday that falls in the work week.




There are a number of people that think the holiday has become a bit more commercialized over time and that it does nothing but perpetuate the bad stereotypes of Irish. This means that there are some that want to do away with the drinking aspect of the holiday and steer it back to its religious roots. However, this most likely will not happen because it is one of the most popular drinking holidays that exists and it is a day that will not go un-celebrated by both the young and old.