St. George Day

If you are looking for a holiday that is a bit different than the rest, it might be the time that you learned the full story about St. George Day. This is the National Day of England and it is a holiday that is taken very seriously for people that live in this region. While it is a holiday that is relatively unknown in the United States, it is a popular holiday in England that involves many festivals each year.

It is time that you learned a little history about the holiday:

Who Was St. George?

The entire holiday is named after St. George. St. George was said to have been a patron saint of England at one time in history. The emblem that is used by St. George is actually the red cross on the white background. This is the same emblem that is currently used as the flag for England. This means that the emblem used by St. George is the same one that the entire country uses for their flag. He was known as a brave soldier and he was believed to have protested against the torture of Christians. This means that it is written in history that he was a man that stood up for what was right and did not allow for religion to separate.


There has been a lot of folklore that has been told about St. George over the years and one of the most popular stories that is passed down from one generation to another is the slaying of a dragon by St. George. Even though it is very unlike that St. George ever encountered a dragon that he could have the opportunity to slay, it is still a popular story that is told each year when this holiday rolls around and St. George is celebrated.

Photo by Michael D Beckwith of St. Georges Hall located in Liverpool, England, UK.