Canada Day | 1 July

There are a lot of holidays that are celebrated in Canada, but Canada Day might be one of the most popular. This is a holiday that celebrates the independence of Canada. This means that Canada Day is a lot similar to the 4th of July that is celebrated in the States. This means that it is a holiday that involves fireworks, BBQ's and parties. However, there is a lot more to Canada Day than meets the eye. It is the time that you learned what this holiday is all about and what makes it so unique.

Here are the little-known facts about Canada Day:

Many Names

Even though it is known as Canada Day now, this is a holiday that has had numerous names in the past. It was also known as Dominion Day and Confederation Day, but it was even just called July 1st at one time. Now it is widely known as Canada Day and this seems to be the name that will stick for this holiday. The traditions for this holiday have been pretty similar even though the name has changed over the years.


Since this is a holiday that celebrates the independence of Canada, it is a holiday that has a lot of meaning for many. This means that it is a holiday that most people celebrate no matter what province they might live in. The big celebration for this holiday will take place in 2017 when the 150th anniversary will be held. This will result in even bigger parties and celebrations for Canada Day.

Canada was able to become free and separate when they got their independence and this is something that is continued to be celebrated each year with Canada day that takes place on July 1st every year no matter what day it may fall on.